…during the magnetic resonance I experienced a splitting: my body was getting ready to fight a battle but my mind had to go elsewhere. Therefore, I decided to turn the deafening noises of the magnetic resonance into music notes…

…I am a musician and I wanted to transform the experience of my disease, a breast cancer, into an ensemble artistic project, one which proves how a psychological-physical trouble can be turned into a creative challenge to life. Together with 20 Artists and under the artistic production of Tommaso Marletta I described my journey searching for an inner strength through Music, Writing and Images. A journey towards a new possible future… – Alessandra Laganà

Who are we

NOMA World is a Social and Cultural Promotion Association. It is an ensemble of artists who experienced first hand the benefits of “making art” in order to react to a devastating disease like cancer.

We used creativity to face pain, the feeling of loneliness and the ensuing depression. It was all started as a creative process on awareness, care of self, the construction of human value. We believe that practicing art favors inclusion, sharing, sharing knowledge, the ability to network.


To promote and support the cultural and social exchange for the psychological-physical wellbeing, through practicing Arts.

Producing original art works.

Organizing activities for an in-depth analysis on music, theatre, dancing, audiovisuals, literature and arts in general.

Creating a space as a place of interaction between Art and Disease.

Art as an “emotional safe” which involves all those feeling the need for it.


Company’s Objects of the Association are the social advancement and the wellbeing of the person and his/her living environment.

For a more in-depth knowledge of the purposes of the Association please read the By-Laws here.

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NOMA World is a no-profit association and takes inspiration from cultural and solidarity principles.

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