• 13 Musicians

  • 1 Sound Track

  • 8 Songs

  • 2 Sonic Dreams

Composed, played and recorded during the NOMA-dic journey made by Alessandra and Tommaso AKA Plot Noir. An Artistic research among contemporary languages, Avantgarde, Free Improvisation Compositions, Song writing.

To record the music we used a non standard method. There was no planning, no written score, no rehearsal. Solidarity and trust were the only score of this music creation.

The design of the artistic production was made by resorting to a “newshound”-like method. This made it possible to capture the truth of the moment and emphasize the value of musicians, respecting the peculiarities and turning diversities in uniqueness.

A Concept Album: 8 Songs and 2 Sonic Dreams. The lyrics are the story of a rebirth in a music exploration journey between Improvisation and Song writing.

A 50-minute live performance: 4 Free Improvisation Compositions. A unique creative language: intimate, ancestral, choral.


Alessandra Laganà

Lyrics and Voice

Tommaso Marletta

Guitars, Synth, Looping

Stefano Giust

Drum and Percussion

Patrizia Oliva

Voice, FX, Flute

Boris Blace


Stefano Giorgi

Visual Art and Cordofono

Dominik Gawara


Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo

E. Guitar and E. Viola

Paul Beauchamp

Musical Saw

Gianni Gebbia


Gabrio Bevilacqua

Double Bass

Key Yoshida