A journal describing a year of life between surgery, convalescence, therapies and Music. The story of the stages of this journey. The narration of the creative process.

Alessandra’s testimony who, with her voice, words and songs, describes her life projected towards a new possible future.

When I entered the magnetic resonance tube I experienced a split. My body had to prepare to go to battle but my mind had to fly elsewhere. Therefore, I decided to use my strength, and my strength is music.

I feel changed, more than changed I feel I am another person.. this disease helped me understand who I am.

In the days when I have energy, the energy is double, disruptive, uncontainable. As if it should make up for those days when I feel down and cannot even raise my head, only to vomit.

It is Christmas and I have done what I have always dreamed of doing: plunging into my, deep, intimate world and come back to surface being fully myself.
Because music rocks me, soothes me, makes me forget, it is sap for me, it is my sea and I dive in it.

Inside of us there are many doors. These doors are often closed. I decided to throw them open, because only in this way it is possible to receive.

Sadness comes with the darkness. It catches me off balance.
At night an endless melancholy emerges and tears flow unauthorized.
Thoughts circle like birds of prey”. I search for happy memories. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don’t.

Diverting the mind from the obsession of the disease is of fundamental importance. NOMA enabled me to fight and gave me the wish to start living again.